HellBlazer #164    HellBlazer #164 : Highwater, Part 1 of 4

   Writer : Brian Azzarello
   Artist : Marcelo Frusin

Continuing his trek across America, Constantine decides to follow up on Turro's suggestion and finds himself in the town of Highwater. Following his natural instincts, John makes a beeline for the nearest pub, which just so happens to be populated by a motley crew of stereotypical looking neo-Nazis - complete with shaved heads and Swastika tattoos. Despite attracting some dirty looks from his fellow patrons, Constantine ignores them and tries to stike up a conversation with the barman, inquiring as to the whereabouts of one Marjorie Fermin.

Said inquiry prompts the barman into calling over the assembled skin heads and informing them of John's request. Constantine explains that he's an old friend of Marjorie's husband - Lucky. When the subject of Lucky's murder comes up, Constantine points out that he did time for that very crime. Tense moments pass before the lead neo-Nazi (Jimmy) appears to come to a conclusion (with more than a suggestion that it was prompted through magical means from Constantine) and tells John where Marjorie can be found. As Constantine leaves the pub, Jimmy apologises for his attitude, claiming that he thought John was a federal agent.


With Constantine gone, Kyle (another of the Nazis) asks Jimmy if they should maybe follow John, suggesting that if he really did kill lucky that he might well have the same thing in mind for Lucky's wife. Jimmy doesn't seem overly concerned as he gives his goodbyes and alludes to a planned meeting between his group and someone by the name of Wolfman arranged for the following day. A suspicious Kyle waits for Jimmy to leave before following John. Constantine, meanwhile, receives a visit from the ghost of Lucky as he makes his way towards Marjorie's house. Kyle and his gang watch from their hiding place, unable to see the shade of Lucky as he 'talks' with John courtesy of his pen and pad. Seeing Constantine talking to thin air, they assume that he's not right in the head.

Lucky's ghost fades away as he asks John to help Marjorie, suggesting that she's somehow related to the neo-Nazi element of the town's population. When Marjorie opens her front door to find Constantine standing there, her eyes well up with tears and she wraps the Englishman up in a hug. Meanwhile, Mister Gage, an elderly man with a connection to the group of Neo-Nazi's from the pub sits with his young daughter as she reads from a bible with a decided racist slant to its words.

Quote Of The Month : "Disguised ? 'fraid not, sunshine. The so-called gospel truth is wide fuckin' open to interpretation, meaning every git an'they are legion- that puts any credence in the good book can look to it as divine justification for their bloody earthbound agendas", Constantine waxes lyrical on the relative merits of the Bible.

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