Name : William Constantine

First Appearance : Hellblazer #69, Rough Trade

Who is he ?

A Lance Corporal in the British army, William Constantine served with the Manchester Fusiliers during World War One. A simple enough man, he managed to get through the majority of his life without encountering any of the magical weirdness that tends to mark the lives of those who bear the name Constantine.

Unfortunately for William, when he finally stumbled into the world of the occult, it proved to be a terminal experience for the young soldier.

On the first of July, nineteen sixteen, William found himself standing alone amidst the butchered remains of his comrades on the battlefield of the Somme. Upon discovering the King Of The Vampires, dressed as an English major, draining the blood from one of his dead friends, William flew into a rage and charged the undead creature with his bayonet. His brave attack proved to be in vain and the vampire killed him by slitting his throat open with his little finger.

Many years later, John Constantine would have a number of encounters with the King Of The Vampires, the last of which culminated in the King meeting his end at the hands of the magus.

Lance Corporal William Constantine
Lance Corporal William Constantine

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