"Justinian, isn't it ? Well, listen carefully, you pious turd. This same knife sent the first man to his damnation before you were imagined. It'll hurt like hellfire itself on your clear, unsullied little soul" - James Constantine threatening an angel.   Perhaps his most famour encounter took place when he confronted the forces of Heaven itself.

James was a Constantine of the 1700s and was every bit the magus and conman that his current day counter-part is.

In the face of dwindling believers, the Arch-Angel Gabriel concocted a plan to have the poet Samuel Taylor pen a poem about the wonders of Heaven and her inhabitents.

This plan was foiled by James when he stumbled upon the angels telling Samuel what to write - word for word.   Recognising propaganda when he saw it, James forced the angels to leave and Samuel never finished his work - "Kubla Khan".

James Constantine
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