August 2007 Solicitations

Hellblazer #235

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(W) Andy Diggle
(A) Leonardo Manco
(Cover) Lee Bermejo

"Joyride" Part 2 of 4. John Constantine's investigations into a spate of senseless attacks on a South London housing estate bring him to the attention of the estate's mysterious benefactor. But how do these events relate to the sleepy country village of Lychgate...and what terrible secret does the village hide?

Note: intended for mature readers.

The Gift

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(W) Mike carey
(A) Art by Leonardo Manco & Frazer Irving
(Cover) Tim Bradstreet

Collecting HELLBLAZER #207-215! One of Constantine's blunders proves disastrous for a loved one, forcing him to ally himself with the last person he would choose. The path Constantine finds himself on leads directly to Hell, where he must confront the dread demon Nergal, Constantine's longtime adversary.

Note: intended for mature readers.


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