Name : Harry Constantine

First Appearance : Hellblazer #62, End Of The Line
Last Appearance : Hellblazer #62, End Of The Line

Who is he ?

Harry Constantine in his prime A soldier in Cromwell’s army, Harry Constantine made his name in Ireland at the massacre of Drogheda. While Harry’s fellow soldiers were driven to commit acts of barbarism by a sense of religious zeal, his own motives were grounded more in the mundane - a desire for great personal wealth.

Harry’s campaign came to a grim end when he was confronted by the mysterious Ribbon Queen. Gifted with magical powers, the Queen cursed Harry to eternal life. While the spell she used was a simple one, it formed only half of her plan as she had Harry buried alive in a small graveyard just south of Liverpool, ensuring that no-one could find him and undo her magic. For over three hundred years, poor old Harry lay trapped beneath the ground, then a young relative decided to pay him a visit…

Harry Constantine, well past his prime His interest in his family tree sparked by his growing involvement in the world of the occult, a John Constantine in his late teens roped his friend Brendan Finn into helping him track down any living relatives who might also have a history with magic. Brendan could find only the one - the buried alive, but ever-living, Harry Constantine. The pairs first meeting doesn’t go well - John, still mired in the arrogance of youth, only digs Harry half free of his grave. After getting the answers he seeks from the still trapped Harry, John refills the grave and leaves his relative to rot beneath the ground.

Twenty years later, an older and wiser John Constantine - fresh from a recent scare over his niece - paid a second visit to the cursed Harry Constantine.

John Constantine lays Harry to rest This time though, John digs his ancestor fully free from his grave and the pair share a grim conversation about what it means to be a Constantine and how they seem to be fated to a life that makes them terrible bastards, though they do all in their power to struggle against it.

With night closing in, Harry voices his terror at the prospect of being buried alive once more but John puts his mind to rest - quite literally - by cleaving his head from his shoulders. The curse now broken, Harry is left to whatever peace he might find in death.

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