Degrees of Separation by Josh Whitener


Part 1 of 5
    Russia mythic history takes John Constantine where heís never been before, and meets up with an old friend and young student of magic, Ivan. But interruptions can lead to some very dangerous conflicts, and with each bit of information he steps closer to becoming a dead man.

Part 2 of 5
    With Johnís tour to Russia leaving him with unanswered questions, he returns to London where a seemingly predictable murder turns out to be the one thing that leads to a spiral of catastrophic dealings with both Londonís urban and modernized occultists.

Part 3 of 5
    With his best efforts resulting in a harsh beating, John Constantine learns why heís really ending up in worse shape than he starts out with, and Tyrone learns why some people should never get involved with John Constantine. A mysterious group enters the fight and nothing will end up the way you think.

Part 4 of 5
    As the stage is set for the ultimate bargain, and John Constantine prepares to meet an old friend and Tyrone finds out what kind of world he really lives in.

Part 5 of 5
    Plans unfold, those truly responsible get whatís coming to them, and John Constantine learns that heís not so much the ringmaster as he is the pawn of something much larger that he very may well be responsible for.

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