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C&VG hands on preview of Constantine

Anyway, literally within seconds of taking control of the lead character your in an apocalyptic vision of Hell. It's quite breezy in Hell, apparently, Constanine's leather jacket flapping in the wind and wrecked cars sailing through the air. [ Continued ]

Source : C&VG           Date : January 13th, 2005.
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TVG gets hands on with Constantine on the X-Box

UK developers Bits Studios are at the helm of the videogame adaptation, set for release on PS2 and Xbox, and have chosen to make the game a third-person shooter much in the same vein as Max Payne. But donít think that this is a straightforward by-the-by action shooter because Bits have added depth to the game by using a variety of features that accumulates to make Constantine a solid and entertaining title [ Continued ]

Source : TVG           Date : January 12th, 2005.
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XBM looks at Constantine

XBMThe current issue of XBM (pictured right) includes a look at the Constantine game on page 111.

Source : XBM           Date : January 11th, 2005.
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IGN looks at Constantine on the X-Box

Constantine can switch back and forth between Earth and Hell using spells, and in his investigations he collects more powerful spells, weapons (called artifacts in the game) and clues as to what the devil is going on. When he sees a puddle of water, Constantine can transport from one dimension to another. [ Continued ]

Source : IGN           Date : January 5th, 2005.
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Playstation 2 Magazine features Constantine footage

The DVD available with the current issue of Playstation 2 magazine includes footage taken from the Constantine video game as well as the following brief blurb -

"Good news is dull-as-a-plank thespian Keanu "Spanky" Reeves is replaced by a lookalike in this digital spin-off of his new vampire packed blockbuster. This actually looks rather good, although further playtesting will reveal the truth."

Thanks to Becki for the tip.

Source : Playstation 2 Magazine           Date : January 4th, 2005.
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Developer : Bits Studios
Publishers : Sci-Games
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