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"You Owe Me"

When a young John Constantine first arrived in London he needed a place to stay and when a friend offered him accommodation he gladly accepted.   Chas Chandler was still living with his mother but this wasn't going to perturb Constantine, not with the lure of cheap rent being waved in his face.   unfortunately for all concerned, Chas never mentioned his mother's pet until it was far too late.

Constantine meets Queenie and Slag for the first time.

John's first meeting with Queenie, Chas's mum, was not a pretty affair - starting as it did with Constantine being hit in the face by some airborne feces.   Confined to bed, the clearly insane Queenie employed a talking monkey (Slag by name)as her legs whenever she had a need to.   Chas received the worst of Slags attention, with the creature reeking havoc with his social and personal life.

Chas on the verge of a breakdown.

When Constantine confronts his friend about the foul creature, Chas recants the tale of his childhood, of how his mother eventually killed her husband ("chucked a stout bottle at 'im an knocked 'im down the bloody stairs") and his brother hanged himself a year later.   Chas's mum even dabbled in the occult, peddling in the odd seance and such.

Just another endgame.

With Chas growing increasingly desperate, Constantine decides to step in and help his distraught friend.   Lulling Slag into a false sense of security by feigning romantic interest in her, John lures the monkey to the waterfront where he manages to catch her unawares and drown her.   With his more than proverbial monkey removed from his back, Chas found himself owing Constantine a debth he could never repay.

Events in the recent Son Of Man storyline have contributed to any dept Chas may feel he owes Constantine ]

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