Name : Kon-sten-tyn, The King

First Appearance : Hellblazer Annual 1989
Last Appearance : Hellblazer Annual 1989

Who is he ?

After the death of King Arthur at the hands of his own son, Merlin sought the man known as Kon-sten-tyn and helped him become the new King of Britain.   Kon-sten-tyn was a very different man to Arthur and he was determined not to rule under Merlins commands.

Whilst sailing Westwards, his ship was attacked and Kon-sten-tyn lost his arm to pirates.   He would have died if not for the aid of the last Sidhe.   They forged him a new arm and, as he recoverd, he fell in love with their queen - she bore him a son and Kon-sten-tyn returned to his lands with him.

A bitter and twisted man, Kon-sten-tyn sacrificed his son in order to ensure long life.   Growing more and more powerful, he later betrayed Merlin - destroying his body and taunting his still living head.

Kon-sten-tyne had another son, again with a supernatural being and again he was sacrificed to ensure Kon-sten-tyns long life.

He was eventually killed by the same forces to whom he sacrificed his children.