Name : Lady Johanna Constantine

First Appearance : Sandman #13
Last Appearance : The Dreaming #7

Who is She ?

A member of the Constantine clan from the seventeen hundreds (along with James), Lady Johanna Constantine was a spy and adventurer whose life was every bit that of her modern day counterpart.

Perhaps the most notable of Johanna’s exploits occurred upon the blood soaked streets of revolutionary France, where she rescued the living, breathing disembodied head of a mystical creature by the name of Orpheus at the behest of his father – Dream of the Endless. In return for her having successfully rescued his son, the Lord Of Dreams agreed to grant Johanna an unspecified boon.

In a quirky twist of fate, the magus Roderick Burgess would move into Johanna Constantine's old mansion, Fawney Rig, more than a hundred years after her eventual passing. Johanna named her manor after the con of the same name. Said con involved selling a gilded brass ring for less than it is supposedly worth, but much more than what it is actually worth. The exact details of how she used a variant of this to secure her palatial abode remain a secret. It was in this residence that Burgess tried to summon and bind Death only to end up capturing Dream instead.

When he finally regained his freedom, Dream again found himself relying on a Constantine for help – this time in the form of John, who once held an item of great power that had belonged to the master of the Dreaming prior to his incarceration by Burgess.

Johanna Constantine died of old age on the 25th of October 1859, having lived for ninety-nine long years.

Special thanks to...

...The Ultimate Hellblazer Index   for "The Dreaming" issue numbers

...The Annotated Sandman for the information on Burgess's house.

...Andy Diggle for information on Johanna's appearances in The Dreaming.

Okay, so I knew bugger all about Johanna.

Psychoanalysed by the Sandman
Psychoanalysed by the Sandman.

She's a good deal better in a scrap than John.
She's a good deal better in a scrap than John.
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